Environmental Policy

The hotel industry has a significant impact on the environment and we at Mooney hotel Group want to play our part in managing our business in a way that is environmental friendly. We will aim to use our scare energy resources in a responsible way.

Our environmental goals are:

  • To aim for the highest possible energy efficiency in our operations
  • To adopt best practice in waste management -
  • reduce, reuse, recycle and as a last resort disposal
  • To encourage our staff to reduce their ‘carbon foot print’ within the workplace and at home
  • To communicate and encourage our customers to help us achieve our environmental goals
  • To underline our commitment to achieving our environmental policy we have set a small number of objectives for this year.

Our environmental objectives are:

  • To reduce energy costs in this financial year by 3%
  • To establish how much waste we generate and to set targets to reduce, reuse, recycle and as a last resort disposal
  • To use IT and public forms of transport to reduce our travelling by 5% (flights, car mileage use of taxis etc)
  • To incentivise staff to travel to work by foot or bicycle.
  • To seek a reduction of 5% in the cleaning of bathroom towels by our accommodation customers by asking our customers to identify which towels need serviced.

Energy policy and practices:

  • Managing energy is treated as an integral part of the company’s approach to environmental management. We aim to minimise energy use, maintain high level of awareness of the need for energy efficiency among our staff through training and strategies for promoting energy conservation and awareness
  • Equipment is specified or purchased if it is most energy efficient available
  • Energy use by individual hotels and Group departments will be monitored on a regular basis with results reported monthly to GMs and quarterly to the board
  • Alternative energy sources are explored and are used when it makes sense

To achieve these environmental objectives and develop, implement and monitor our actions we have appointed a team to undertake the task of driving our environmental policy forward. We encourage staff to bring any ideas and suggestions they have to this team so that we can do our part in passing on a safer world to future generations. Progress in implementing this policy will be communicated to all staff in our annual reports.

The Mooney hotel Group is committed to improving energy efficiency year on year.

The energy team will have responsibility for implementing the policy and ensuring the policy matches with company culture. We will adopt a phased approach to our environmental policy and have a small number of targets which will be communicated to all staff. These targets will be monitored monthly and our performance will be communicated to all members of staff. Our energy performance will form part of the annual chief executive remarks.

This Policy and the target performance improvements will be reviewed annually by the Energy Team and the Board.

Our environmental actions:

We at Mooney Hotel Group believe our environmental policy is the responsible way forward. Adopting and achieving our goals will make a difference to our environment. Our Business will reduce energy consumption and we will better manage our waste. If we achieve our environmental goals we will reduce our operating costs and improve the operating efficiency of our business.

Where possible we will embrace all energy saving options. We will adopt best industry waste management practices and we will continually raise environmental issue with our customers so that we can get their support in implement or environment policy.

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